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The project “More Countries, More Books”, continues to create platforms for contemporary Ukrainian literature abroad, establishing new, closer contacts between publishers, writers, translators and book illustrators. So far the project has involved mainly France, Germany and Norway.

The next step is the Festival of Ukrainian Literature in Innsbruck, Austria in October 2013 accompanied by a range of cultural events both in Germany and Austria.

The guests of the festival include the well-known Ukrainian writers Andrey Kurkov, Maria Matios, Lubko Deresh and Tania Maliarchuk.

The Festival’s partners are the Rinat Achmetov Foundation “Rozvytok Ukrainy”, the NGO ‘Book space’ (Kyiv), Haymon Verlag Publishing House, The Institute of Slav Studies, The University of Innsbruck, Literaturhaus am Inn (Innsbruck) with publicity by the Embassy of Ukraine in Austria.

Pre-festival Events

12th of October, 17.00 Andrey Kurkov and Maria Matios participate in the opening of the exhibition of photographs by Oksana Guizot: “Ukraine, the Heart of Europe – Between East and West”. Lew Kopelew Forum, Neumarkt 18a, Neumarkt Passage, 50667 Köln).

12th and 13th of October Andrey Kurkov and Maria Matios present their books at the Haymon Verlag Publisher’s Stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair (stand E 158, Hall 3.1).

13th of October, 11.00 both authors will give a public reading in the ‘Literary Railway Station’ in the Cosmo Restaurant at Frankfurt’s main railway station.

14th of October, 20.00 Andrey Kurkov and Maria Matios present their new books in «Dorotheenstädtische Buchhandlung» bookshop (Turmstraße 5, 10559 Berlin).

15th of October, 18.30 Andrey Kurkov present his book in «Fürstelberge» bookshop (Landstraße 49, 4013 Linz, Austria) 16th of October, 20.00 - a reading and discussion with Maria Matios and Andrey Kurkov, at Literaturehaus Salzburg, Strubergasse 23, 5020 Salzburg).

16th of October 19.00 – Lyubko Deresh presents his German editions in the Free Ukrainian University (Barellistr. 9a, München – Nymphenburg)

The Festival of Ukrainian Literature in Innsbruck 17th to 19th of October
Participants: Andrey Kurkov, Maria Matios, Tanya Malyarchuk, Lyubko Deresh

17th of October, 19.00 – Reading and discussion “Ukraine has not yet perished” (Buchhandlung Haymon, Sparkassenplatz 4, 6020 Innsbruck).

18th of October – a seminar on literary criticism at the Institute of Slav Studies 18th of October 19:00, ‘The Long Night of Ukrainian Literature’ (Literaturhaus am Inn, Josef Hirn Straße 5, 6020 Innsbruck).

19th October 11.00 Discussion “Literary life in Ukraine”, Maria Matios and Lyubko Deresh (Literaturhaus am Inn, Josef Hirn Straße 5, 6020 Innsbruck).

Post-Festival events

21st October 20.00 Andrey Kurkov and Maria Matios present their new books in café RUFFINI (Orffstraße 22-24, 80637 München),

22 October 19.00 Andrey Kurkov and Maria Matios are in Vienna City Library (Hauptbücherei am Gürtel, Urban-Loritz-Platz 2, 1070 Wien),

23 October 20.00 Andrey Kurkov and Maria Matios discuss their novels in Literaturhaus Graz (Literaturhaus Graz, Elisabethstraße 30, 8010 Graz).


Andrey Kurkov - Internationally acclaimed Ukrainian writer. His works have been translated into 36 languages, including Chinese and Arabic. Author of more than 20 film-scripts for feature, documentary and short films. He is vicepresident of the Ukrainian PEN Club, advisor to the Man Booker International Prize committee and member of the European Film Academy.

Maria Matios - winner of the most prestigious national and private literary awards, including the National Taras Shevchenko Prize. Her prose is translated into ten languages. Last year she was elected as a Member of the Ukrainian Parliament.

Lyubko Deresh - won literary acclaim at the age of 18 with the publication of his first novel «The Cult». His novels are translated into German, French, Italian, Polish.

Malyarchuk Tanya - one of the most popular young writers in Ukraine. Currently resides in Vienna. Her first novel in German “Biography of accidental miracle” has just been published in Rezidenz Verlag, Vienna, Austria.


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